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Whilst there is no ‘perfect' format for your CV, when it comes to mobile recruitment, there are some key points an employer notices first. Here are our top tips. 

    • CVs are usually screened by non-technical people (HR, Internal Recruiters or Office Managers). Therefor it's vital you clearly display the technologies and key words from the job description on your CV to make it obvious that your skills match the spec.

    • While Germany and the Netherlands accept CVs of 2 pages or less the UK market looks for more detail. Include details of each app project and technologies used. Junior CVs may be 1-2 pages but seniors should aim for 3-4 pages.

    • Keep the layout simple. Don't cram too much information onto one page by reducing the font size.

    • Your job title is the first thing an employer will look for so put what you do at the top of your CV. For Example "John Smith - Mobile Developer".

    • Write your work experience in reverse order so the first job you notice is the most recent and/or most relevant.

    • If your job title is non specific but the job you are applying for is, add useful information to make it clear what your role was. For example: "Software Developer (Android Apps)".

    • Tailor your CV for the mobile apps industry. Put your mobile experience at the top. You can use a Personal Statement, Key Skills section or list of apps to do this. If you lack work experience in the sector you need to show your relevant apps experience first.
    • Use bullet points and spacing to make your CV easy on the eye.

    • If your CV is detailed you can highlight keywords which you need the employer to notice such as "mobile developer" or "iOS apps".

    • Ensure your personal information is at the top. This makes your details easy to find and ensures this information won't be lost when loaded onto a portal or database. Even employers use these systems now.

    • Use common formats such as MS Word or PDF because most CVs are submitted and read electronically.

    • If using PDF keep it simple. as most CVs end up on portals or databases avoid tables, text boxes and colour blocks which commonly distort or are lost altogether.

    • If the design of your CV is important (perhaps you are a designer) tell the recruiter this in advance so that they can find a way of preserving it's formatting.

    • Check your spelling and grammar. We see more spelling mistakes on PDF documents than any other. Don't be afraid to leave your CV is MS Word format so that your recruiter can check and amend any errors for you. They will not misrepresent you - it's in their interests to make you look good.

    • Use short concise sentences. HR Managers and Internal Recruiters read 100s of CVs so ensuring yours is both easy to read and understand will keep their attention.

  • If you are British, an EU Economic Area Citizen or in possession of a visa to work in your country of choice put this at the top of your CV. If you have dual nationality, highlight the nationality which gives you the greatest advantage and explain the details of your situation to the recruiter.

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