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There are a number of types of interviews but the traditional format is based on a number of questions asked by a single interviewer or panel.  It's now common for these to be competency based questions.  It's now common place to have a telephone or video interview as part of the recruitment process. Other assessment methods such as being asked to do a presentation on a technical topic or formal technical test are also common. In some cases, clients have set processes for technical testing and your Tech Talent Consultant will able to tell you at what stage of the process each test will take place. Personality and ability tests are also becoming more common place. It's difficult to prepare for a test of this kind as they are designed to understand how you would perform once recruited.

Preparing for your interview

It is important you prepare for your interview. Thoroughly review any information you have been given prior to the interview and ensure you know the date, time and location of the meeting. Take note of the names and roles of those interviewing you and ensure you understand the overall background and services or products of the business you could be working for. The mobile development market moves quickly so don't be suprised if you don't have all this information before an initial stage telephone interivew.  If you are missing important information before an interview ask your mobile recruitment consultant to update you.  Below are some important tips to help you prepare.

Before the interview:
• Research the company by viewing their website and any related articles.
• Read the company mission statement and values.
• Check the annual report and any general information about the company's share price in recent years this can give you a good background to the overall performance of the business and help you understand what their priorities might be.
• Review any skills you are rusty on. This is particularly important for technical roles.
• Research and practice STAR technique

On the day of the interview:

First impressions make a huge impact. Whether we realise it or not we all make assumptions about somebody before we even talk to them so make sure the only thing that stands out is your ability.  Below are a few simple ways to create a great first impression.

• Ensure you arrive in plenty of time and plan for delays. Notify your Mobile Recruitment Consultant if you are delayed. They will ensure the message gets to the right person and take the stress out of the situation for you. If you are late, take time to apologise to the Interviewer and explain before you begin.
• If you arrive more than 20 minutes early go for a coffee before reporting to reception. Being too early can work against you.
• Dress appropriately. Talk to your Recruitment Consultant to find out what the company style is. Many mobile apps companies have casual dress codes but this doesn't mean you should wear your favourate jeans to your interview. Wearing smart simple attire which is suitable for buisness will always be appreciated. 
• If you are a smoker avoid having a cigarette on the way to your interview. It's likely your Interviewer will be able to smell it even if you can't.
• Don't chew gum during an interview and do not leave it on the pavement outside for somebody to step in later.
• If it's raining take an umbrella and ask for somewhere to put your jacket before you sit down. Sitting in a puddle will not give a good impression.
• Be polite to whoever greets you. You never really know their role in the organisation and Receptionists are commonly asked for feedback on visiting candidates.

During your interview:

Now you have made a good first impression you are ready to start your interview.

• Accept a drink when asked. Taking a sip of water can give extra time to finalise your answers when questioned.
• Make eye contact with everyone when giving answers. Try to engage with your Interviewers.
• Make an effort to smile, you will feel more relaxed and so will those interviewing you.
• Take time to explain your CV and experience. Your Interviewers may not have had time to review it or may be unclear about some of the details.
• If you have had responsibility for people or budgets make sure you explain the details of this. How many staff did you manage? What was your budget? How did you appraise employees and what performance targets did you set?
• If you have worked on large projects explain exactly what your individual contribution was. Be clear about what "you" did using "I" rather than "we". 
• Use your pre-prepared examples of where you have achieved targets or resolved problems. Examples are a great way of showing that you have experience.
• Now that you have taken time to research the company website be sure to mention this and explain what appeals to you about the company.
• Be conscious of your body language. Convey that you're enthusiastic, positive and energetic by looking alert and attentive.
• If asked about salary, always say the role is the most important thing to you and refer them to your Recruitment Consultant. It is their job to get you the very best rate and they are very experienced at negotiating salaries and benefits. Don't be pushed into making a decision at interview stage.
• If you have a sales background you might be tempted to handle the negotiations yourself but this is never a good idea. You might be a very competent negotiator but a hard ball tactic in an interview can lose a candidate a job.  Don't allow your salary to be used as a way to judge you.  Let an employer judge your ability and experience and use your Recruitment Consultant to relay your salary requirements.
• If you are offered a job at interview, respond positively to the news. There may be many factors for you to consider such as salary, location and role but your Recruitment Consultant can help you to deal with these concerns later. It is important to give a good initial impression even if you go on to refuse the opportunity later.

After your interview:

• Thank the Interviewer/s for their time and let them know that you are interested in the role. You can always talk to your Recruitment Consultant about whether this role really is the best one for you later but it pays to keep all your options open.
• Ask if you have answered everything fully and if they have any reservations about you.
• Ask when they are likely to make their decision.
• If you were unclear about anything about the role ask questions. It's OK, to read from a list you prepared earlier. However, don't ask about things like holidays and pay. This can leave a bad impression and the great thing about working with a Recruitment Consultant is that they can ask all these questions on your behalf.
• After the interview, call your Recruitment Consultant immediately to discuss what did and did not go well. It's important we hear from you before we hear from the client so that we can head off any concerns they may have about you.
• Work with your Recruitment Consultant by asking them to help you draft a thank-you note to your Interviewer, where possible, clarifying any questions you feel you may have answered badly or ask any new questions you would like answers to.
• Ask your Recruitment Consultant to explain what will happen next. Make sure you understand what the requirements for references might be and when the offer letter might be sent.

Get feedback:
• If you are not successful ask your Recruitment Consultant to get feedback for you. Find out specifically what it was that caused you to be unsuccessful.
• If your Consultant is unable to get feedback this may not be a reflection on you. Some companies are better than others about providing feedback; rest assured your Recruitment Consultant will be as keen as you to understand why you missed out.
• Don't feel downhearted. There will be other opportunities and you can use what you learned from this experience at your next interview.

Finally, work with your Recruitment Consultant throughout the process. We are here to handle the negotiations, get you the job and the best possible salary. We know many candidates have had bad experiences with IT Recruitment Agencies but really we are all on the same side.  We want our candidates to get the job and stay in the job so to us your satisfaction makes simple business sense.

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