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What we do

Tech Talent pay referral fees.

Tech Talent pay referral fees if you suggest a friend or colleague who we place in a permanent job.   

  • We pay €500 Euros for salaries up to €45K
  • We pay €1000 Euros for salaries above €45K
  • If you and the job are based in the UK we pay £GBP

When will I receive the money?

  • We notify you as soon as we make a placement and you will receive the money within 12 weeks or less.  This covers most of the probation period for a new job.
  • You won’t need to remind us.  We will remember and contact you directly.
  • Payments are usually made by pay pal for international transfers (because it’s instant) or by bank transfer for the UK. 

Why do you pay so much?

  • We already spend a lot of money on advertising and loads of clever IT tools to help us find great people.  That’s probably how we found your name in the first place.  Referrals are just one of the tools we use to find Tech Talent.

How do I refer somebody?

  • If you are reading this you were probably contacted by one of our team about a job.  Just let them know the name of the person who you think might be suitable.  We will do the rest. 
  • If your friend expresses an interest in the job we will let you know right away.
  • Once you have been invited to refer somebody you can make as many referrals as you like, as often as you like. 
  • If we haven’t offered you our referral fee just ask.

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