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Negotiating your salary

Negotiating the salary for your new job is likely to be one of the most important conversations of your life. Too often though candidates dive in feet first, distrust their Recruitment Consultants and even risk losing the offer altogether. Even the most experienced negotiators have been known to fluff this conversation so avoid the pressure by following these handy tips.

• Talk to your IT Recruitment Consultant honestly about what you are earning now, what you want to earn and why. The more they know about you the more they can do to control the negotiation in your favour.
• Always leave the actual negotiations to your Recruitment Consultant. You can maintain the image of an ideal employee while they do the dirty work for you.  Remember we get paid a percentage of what you get paid so it's in our interests to get you the best possible salary.
• Don't be pressured into giving a number during an interview. Say you simply want to be paid fairly or that the role is the most important factor. If pressed, ask the interviewer what they feel would be a fair salary having now met you. If they respond, you don't have to accept.   You can leave your options open by saying you would like to consider what they have said but that you are very interested in the role.
• Don't turn down a job impulsively just because of salary. If the salary isn't right work with your Recruitment Consultant to get a better benefits package, working conditions or even guaranteed pay reviews.
• Before you go to interview consider carefully how much money you need to pay your bills and be happy. It doesn't pay to change your mind half way through negotiations so be sure you know what you want.
• Check your worth against other job descriptions online. Work out what other people are being paid before you ruin your opportunities by asking for too little or too much.

Here is some information to keep in mind.

• The person interviewing you is likely to be better at negotiating salaries than you are, so hand over the task to your IT Recruitment Consultant to work on your behalf.
• Even if you are a star IT sales person and used to hard-ball negotiations, entering into a jousting competition with your new boss is never a good idea. They may want you to play hard-ball with their clients but they don't expect you to do the same with them.
• Employers expect Recruitment Agencies to handle the negotiations so if your potential new employer is pressing you for a number it may be because they want to knock you down before we are there to fight your corner.
• IT Recruiters want you to get the job.  Not only do we get paid more when you get paid more but we also have to pay out rebates to your employer if you leave within the first few months so your happiness is important to even the most hard-nosed Recruitment Consultant.
• You may change your mind about what you would accept for a job, so stating a number too early in the interview process can leave you with very little manoeuvring room.
• It's a proven tendency for candidates to raise their salary requirements following an interview while clients tend to lower their potential offering. There are many reasons for this, mainly based on the competition you are up against so be careful you don't alienate your new employer before you have even started.
• If your IT Recruitment Consultant suggests submitting your application at a salary for less than you had hoped, they are not trying to cheat you. They want you to get the job and they want you to be happy with your salary. However they also know who else is in the running and will put you in at a salary that gives you the best chance of being successful with a view to negotiating up later.
• Pushing your potential new employer into paying the top of their budget is not always good for you. If you play a hard game in negotiations, their expectations of you will increase and you may put yourself under undue pressure in your first few weeks in a new job. Sometimes it's better to go in lower and secure a six month pay review.
• Recruitment consultants love giving candidates good news. It's a wonderful feeling telling a candidate that they got the job for more than they expected. Trust us, if a salary is possible we will get it for you.

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