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Mobile App Contracts

While you are working who is searching for your next project?  As Mobile Apps specialists we know the contract market, and keeping you in contract work is our business. 

We will keep note of your contract end dates whether or not we placed you in your current role and we will actively search on your behalf for your next project. 

Once you are placed, your Recruitment Consultant will pass you to our Accounts Team will write you a contract to ensure your project and payments run smoothly. If you are new to contracting we can advise you on practical issues such as Umbrella Companies and setting up your own Limited Company. 

For those of you trying to grow your own Mobile Apps business we are happy to supplement your existing work with ad hoc contracts to keep you moving.  Aside from traditional day rates, we have worked with Mobile Apps developers on set project rates paid on completion of project milestones and offered flat finder's fees to our clients leaving our contractors free to build their own long term relationships. 

We understand the apps market because we have made it our speciality so we have built our contract services to support the way you want to work.

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