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Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a Mobile Apps or Gaming Contractor it is vital you have Professional Indemnity Insurance because Tech Talent cannot work with you if you do not.

Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover you and your company against claims for loss or damage caused to a client or third party's system. If you make a mistake or are falsely accused of making a mistake it will protect you.

It is standard practice for IT professionals to be insured and it is no different from many other professions including Solicitors, Accountants and Architects who are bound by regulation to carry such insurance.

You may feel you are unlikely to make a mistake but in the IT industry civil litigation is very common. Your clients may be working for a large multinational which would not think twice before bringing a case against you if your client got into financial difficulty. The rapid growth in the Mobile Apps and Gaming market has led to a huge surge in start-ups, some of which are better organised and funded than others. Don't make yourself a target for a cash-strapped company to pin the blame on you.  It is essential that you protect yourself and your business with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you use an umbrella company you should be covered but we suggest you always check with them.  All reputable umbrella companies cover their clients with Professional Indemnity Insurance. If your umbrella company is charging you extra for this service talk to us and we will suggest an alternative company which puts your needs first. If your usual IT recruitment agency has never asked for your certificate of insurance before placing you in a contract, ask yourself why.  They should be keeping you informed and managing the relationship with your clients.  Insurance is an important aspect of this and a reputable IT Recruitment consultant will be able to point you in the direction of impartial advice.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is rarely more than £150 per year, which can be paid monthly and can be used on multiple contracts whether you were placed by Tech Talent or not. We would be happy to help you find a suitable insurer and you could be covered within a matter of minutes.

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